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Hop 15 Wrapped in Stone Hops



Does it get much better than this? A cold Hop 15 on a hot September 1st afternoon! The Stone glass is Sick is it not? Cheers, Tom and Wendy


  1. Beer Sage

    The glass is awesome as is the contents. Just had some unfiltered Hop 15 the other day. Other than having to floss after drinking it, I have to say there’s no better Imperial IPA out there.

  2. Tom

    I don’t think i would mind flossing after that one!!! Hop 15 is definitely our fave Imperial also. Can’t keep enough of it in the beer cellar. We stopped in to PP Solana Sunday after yet another sweltering day at the beach. Was pleasantly surprised to meet up with a cold Lou P. Lin. Cheers!


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