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Stone Anniversary & Port Brunch Saturday


Stone Brewing 11th Anniversary CelebrationSaturday September 8th we’re heading out to Stone Brewing’s 11th Anniversary party.

It’ll be our fourth time at the festival, and we always have a great time. There will be 39 breweries from as far away as Holland and Germany pouring beer that weekend, plus a lot of great food and fun

It’s been ungodly hot here lately (well into the upper 90’s / low 100’s), so we’re hoping that it cools down before Saturday — especially since they’ve moved the festival to the upper parking lot this year, which is a giant heat-dish of black asphalt. If you’re thinking of going to the celebration, make sure to say hi to Molly and me. We’ll be at the second session which starts around 2:45 pm.

Before the Stone thingy we’ll be at Port Brewing (only 5 minutes away) for their big “pre-Stone” brunch. Tomme and Vince lay out a huge spread food — eggs, pancakes, toast, tortillas, and at least half a dozen pork products (sausage, bacon, ham, chorizo, you name it) — to chow down on while you enjoy some tasty Port and Lost Abbey brews.

It’s a perfect way to lay down a solid meat and starch foundation to get you through the Stone party. (Or to get you through a day of hanging at Port Brewing — which many people do.)

The Port brunch starts at 8:30am and runs to… well, usually whenever. I recommend getting there early, however, as the crowds get pretty large. The food is free and the beers are a very reasonable $3 or so a pint. Tomme is also threatening to pull some magic out of the barrel room, so you might also be treated to some real rarities in the beer world.

Naturally Molly and I will be there first thing in the morning. Look for Molly in one of her beer festival dirndls. I’ll probably do sometihng special too — like wear a clean t-shirt. If you don’t run into us at Stone, make sure to give us a shout while you’re there.

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