Photo Wrap-up from Lost Abbey Carnevale

Yesterday Matt Dolman a quick overview of some of the fun and festivities from last weekend’s Carnevale at The Lost Abbey, so today I thought I’d share the rest of the photos with you all. (Ok, most of the the rest of the photos. As you might guess, costumes, masks, music and liberal amounts of Angel’s Share, Older Viscosity, et al, makes for a lot of pics that aren’t work safe.)

As usual, Vince’s food was fantastic — Marsaglia Mac n’ Cheese, Spring Salad garnished with savory homemade bacon, grilled herbed pork loin, New York strip steak with mushrooms, and more… Angel’s Share and Older Viscosity, along with the other Port / Lost Abbey beers, were all on tap. And the Band of Regulars (our regular tasting guys who are in a band), kept the evening going with hours of music.

All-in-all, another great Lost Abbey celebration. (And a long Sunday of recovery.)

Here’s a slideshow:

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