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Follow the yellow brick road…


Simcoe way was the yellow brick road to James Bay Beer & Wine Merchants(Spinnakers) @ 425 Simcoe St.  Talk about timing, this place had been open about four days.  I walked in during a wine tasting, perused the aisles and was drooling by the time I reached the beer section.  When I got to the beer fridge, I found a large selection of beers, including the elusive Unibroue.  I spoke with Jaimie (sorry if I didn’t spell that right) and asked her about local beers and if they had any hoppy beers.  Again, good timing, Spinnakers had just released their Double Bridge Double IPA.  Here’s what I picked up: Iceberg Strong Ale, Double Bridge Double IPA, and Mitchell’s ESB.


So, what do you think ?