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This Weekend: Port Brewing/Lost Abbey Pre-Stone Brunch


Duuuuudes! This weekend is Stone Brewing’s 12th Anniversary party and beer invitational. More importantly, it’s also Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey’s annual Pre-Stone Party Brunch!

Free food at Lost Abbey's Pre-Stone party brunch

If you’re not familiar with this tasty ritual, before Stone’s “A” Session kicks off around 11 a.m., The Lost Abbey flings open it’s doors and serves up a massive breakfast buffet (eggs, tortillas, bacon, sausage — at least four other pork products — and more), expertly paired with the brewery’s full family of Port and Lost Abbey beers. (Well, you do the pairing…)

Did I mention the food is free? The beer, sadly, is not — but it’s all quite reasonably priced at $3 – $5 a pint. And when you consider all the food, it’s quite the bargain.

All-in-all, it’s the perfect way to lay down a solid foundation before heading on over to the Stone Anniversary, which is conveniently taking place this year at Cal State San Marcos this year — right across highway 78 from the brewery.

Heck, even if you’re not going to the Stone thingy, the brunch is a great way to kick off your Saturday.

Doors open at the brewery August 16th at 8:30 a.m. For all the details (including directions, etc.), click here to visit the Lost Abbey website.

See you there.

PS: Rumor has it that Moses may finally come down from the mountain (at least in keg form) on that day too!

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