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GABF Fantasy Draft


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been forced to listen to Beer Molly as she frets over her picks at The Beer Mapping Project’s GABF Fantasy Draft for 2008.

She’s particularly mad at Izzy for taking Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey, a pick to which she felt entitled as she IS Tomme Arthur’s personal assistant. (Her words. not mine.)


Anyway, we’re off to Denver now. Doing the brewer’s reception tonight at Wynkoop Brewing, and a whole lot of beer tasting and travels over the next four days at GABF.

During the awards on Saturday, Molly will be live from the show floor twittering who wins what as it happens. You can follow her on Twitter at:

We’ll also be doing a live broadcast from the show floor at if the wireless gods are willing.

So, what do you think ?