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Secret beer blend revealed



Decipher this and you have the secret to Truth number 4


  1. Jeff

    My guess; Yellow Bus (Peach), Cuvee de Tomme 2008 (MY 8), Duck Duck Goose barrel 6 and 21 (DDG 6 and 21). How did I do? If I got it right do I get a bottle?

  2. Beer Sage

    Oooohhh.. Jeff, you are most insightful. That is, in fact, the blend for Veritas ’04, which will no doubt have tongues wagging (drooling and whatever else tongues do) when it comes out.

    Alas, the only way you can get it is at the Barrel Party.

  3. Jeff

    I’m bummed. I am going to be at one of my best friends bachelor parties that weekend. So I won’t be able to make it. I still think I should win a bottle for cracking the code. I guess I will have to try and procure my bottle some other way. Will it be sold at other times like the 003 was this year? Veritas 002 was one of my favorite beers of all time, I think this blend may top it.

  4. THE Tomme Arthur

    This just in from the disinformation department…
    The guess is close but no cigar.
    No bullshit…


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