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In Colorado for Thanksgiving and enjoying the local brew



Last night was my first night in Colorado. Since I am unable to post from my phone (stupid sprint/ nextel) I am doing it now.

The first one for the night was Levity Amber Ale by Odell Brewing Co. It was a nice start to the evening. It was not sweet like many ambers taste to me. Beer number 2 was Bristol’s Brewings Mass Transit Ale. A much lighter bodied beer. For me it would be something nice to drink while doing yard work, or pool chores, in the summer.

I found my brother and sister-in-law have been leaning toward the lighter beers lately. He has been drinking Corona Light, trying to watch his girlish figure, he says. Levity was also beer number 3. I am here for a week and the lighter stuff was just not going to cut it. It was time for a beer run.

So, what do you think ?