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After a long drive I was greeted with pizza and beer


Between Portland and Crescent we had winds, rain, snow, hail, sleet and fog.  We were lucky we didn’t hit any ice coming over the 58.  After 4-hours of crazy weather and car snacks, the pizza and beer tasted awesome.  The beer is a light bodied ale from Cascade Lakes Brewing Company called Rooster Tail Ale.  I was so busy eating and drinking and talking I forget to take a pic of the beer.

Rooster Tail Ale - Cascade Lakes Brewing Co.

Rooster Tail Ale - Cascade Lakes Brewing Co.

Left Crescent and headed north, past Gilchrist and into La Pine where we found a hotel to rest.  Next is to find a local watering hole with decent beer that has not closed up for the night, though it is 10:00pm.  I hope I don’t have to break into the beer I brought up to share.

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