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Be our guest blogger and share your beer pix with us this Memorial Day weekend!

Share your beer pix live with us this Memorial Day weekend!

Share your beer pix live with us this Memorial Day weekend!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the un-official beginning of summer and the official beginning of beer drinking season (which around here happens to end the day before Memorial Day weekend begins.)

Being who we are, we naturally like to celebrate the season with (what else) Beer and pictures!

But this time around we thought we’d do something cool and invite the entire world (well the countless dozens of you who read this anyway) to share their own beer photos with us via’s live photo blogging feature.

All this weekend you’ll be able to post your photos and comments directly to our website via your mobile phone, computer, camera, or whatever else you use to connect to the interwebs. Here’s how:

How to post via email or your phone’s MMS

To post a photo to the website from your computer or your mobile phone’s camera, simply send your beer photo to:

Make sure to include a subject (i.e., “Beer photo from Moosedrool, Wisconsin”) that gives viewers a little info about the photo.

If you’d like to include text (beyond the subject) along with your photo you’ll need to enclose it in the “#” sign like this:

#Hello mybeerpix readers! I’m Larry and this is my buddy Moe. We are enjoying a pint of Moosedrool IPA at the pub. Cheers!#

(If you don’t use the “#” sign to enclose the message, the server will strip out the text.)

That’s it! You can post from any email program, or if you’re one of the cool kids like me and have a cameraphone, you can post directly from your mobile phone.

Every 15 minutes or so our web server will check for new photos, automatically resize them and post. (So if you don’t see your photo right away, wait a few minutes, the server is probably between check cycles.)

How to post via Twitter

Just send your pic to Twitter the way you normally do (e.g., via twitpic,, etc. etc.) and include the keyword “#mybeerpix”.

Our server will pick up your tweet from Twitter and display it on the Twitter Feed page here. (You’ll also find a link to the page at the top of the website.)

That’s pretty much it. Now get out there and have a beer and show us what you’re drinking!

Caveats and (not very limiting) limitations:

1) Please keep the photos beer-related. They can be of just beer, people with beer, at beer places, events, beer signage, etc. — it simply needs to somehow relate to beer. This is after all “my beer pix” not “my day at the zoo pix”.

2) Please keep your photos (and language) to PG-13. A little racy is fine and fun, but our 15 year-old daughter sees this and we don’t want to have to explain anything. (If you’ve got anything beyond PG-13, feel free to email them to us privately. 😀 )

3) Make sure they’re your photos. Posting other’s pictures can be a big legal mess that we don’t want to deal with.

Ok, that’s it! Now go out there and show us what you and your beer are doing this weekend!

So, what do you think ?