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Free Bottle of Duck Duck Gooze for Every Vote

That’s a total lie, of course. Even if I had that much Duck Duck there’s no way…

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A sad day in San Marcos

I’m sure many of you felt the loss at 3:34pm today, Thursday 10 Sept 09.   He…

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The geek’s guide to building your own kegerator

Sure, you can buy a kegerator, but why would you when you can build one? Geek bible…

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Let’s play “Guess That Growler”!

For whatever reason we’ve accumulated a lot of growlers. A really lot of growlers. Probably somewhere in…

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Hers and his – why it works after 20 years

The one question I can count on when people find out the Beer Molly and I have…

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4th of July Intoxication Guide

It’s Independence Day here in the ol’ U.S. of A. which means we’ll all be BBQing, indulging…

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Hey, what are you drinking? Show us!

Be our guest blogger and share your beer pix with us this Memorial Day weekend! It’s Memorial…

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Samuel Adams Imperial Double Bock

Home after a nice lunch and decided to try the second of my Samuel Adams Imperial Series,…

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Video: tasting Pizza Beer

So a few weeks back Beermolly got a package from Johnathan Surratt (aka: Beerinator) of The Beermapping…

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Crescent Oregon

Between Eugene and Crescent, we encountered a lot of weather.  We had rain (and even saw the…