Mexico’s contribution to beer drinkers

Never let it be said that the Mexican people aren’t innovative. First they gave us the street-taco, then the donkey show, and now, Axixa.

Axixa photo courtesy of The Design Blog
Axixa photo courtesy of The Design Blog

This, ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen), is probably the single greatest invention to come from our Southern neighbor since Elvis on Velvet. It’s a mini urinal that mounts on the wall!

Imagine: no more worrying about killing the shrubbery, no more worries about backsplash off the wall, and (most of all) no more of those pesky public indecency fines.


I hope we see these on every wall within 20 feet of all my favorite watering holes.

Link to the article: (Nice title too — about time that someone made public urination on a wall was decent.)

PS: Interesting factoid — “Axixa” is “urine” in Nahuatl. Show people how educated you are and work that into a conversation.

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