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2020 Summer Blend

Somewhat tart and dry apple cider with a bit of barnyard funk on the nose. Quite refreshing…

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Island Hopper

Greatly enjoyed this dry sour cider from Los Angeles’s 101 Cider House.  Had I not known it…

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Raging Ciders & Meads

I’ve been fortunate and have been enjoying Dave’s ciders and meads for many years.  Starting  Friday, 10…

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Lost Cause Meadery Tasters

Enjoyed tasters at Lost Cause Meadery’s soft opening.   6 nice options.  Buck It and Excellent were my…

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Belgian Pineapple 

8.2% ABV cider at Newtopia Cyder soft opening.  Tasted the 3 ciders on draft to choose from….

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Viridescent Waves

Very happy with Setting Sun Sake’s first bottle release.  A 15% ABV sake dry-hopped with Motueka.  Sweet…

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The other things Obama solves over a beer

Here’s a video that envisions what would happen if he had a few extra meetings over a…

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Mexico’s contribution to beer drinkers

Never let it be said that the Mexican people aren’t innovative. First they gave us the street-taco,…

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Hers and his – why it works after 20 years

The one question I can count on when people find out the Beer Molly and I have…

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Crescent Oregon

Between Eugene and Crescent, we encountered a lot of weather.  We had rain (and even saw the…