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Island Hopper

Greatly enjoyed this dry sour cider from Los Angeles’s 101 Cider House.  Had I not known it was a cider, I would have thought a sour beer.  It’s full-bodied, some sweetness up front with the fruit in the nose, but more tart on the palate.  Quite nice.


Raging Ciders & Meads

I’ve been fortunate and have been enjoying Dave’s ciders and meads for many years.  Starting  Friday, 10 Nov 17, all y’all get the chance to do the same when Raging Ciders and Meads opens its door to the public. Four ciders and one mead at his soft opening last week.  All good and different. Dave […]


Lost Cause Meadery Tasters

Enjoyed tasters at Lost Cause Meadery’s soft opening.   6 nice options.  Buck It and Excellent were my favs…


Belgian Pineapple 

8.2% ABV cider at Newtopia Cyder soft opening.  Tasted the 3 ciders on draft to choose from.  Also pouring are a 6.5% ABV Wyld Cyder and a 6.5% ABV India Pale Cider, made with mosaic hops.  All clean and flavorful.  The Wyld and IPC are less sweet and have slightly drier finish.  Belgian Pineapple was […]


Viridescent Waves

Very happy with Setting Sun Sake’s first bottle release.  A 15% ABV sake dry-hopped with Motueka.  Sweet with clean finish and pronounced alcohol flavors.  I’m assuming the hops add fruit-citrus flavors and nose.


Mexico’s contribution to beer drinkers

Never let it be said that the Mexican people aren’t innovative. First they gave us the street-taco, then the donkey show, and now, Axixa. This, ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen), is probably the single greatest invention to come from our Southern neighbor since Elvis on Velvet. It’s a mini urinal that mounts on the wall! […]


Hers and his – why it works after 20 years

The one question I can count on when people find out the Beer Molly and I have been married for 20 years is “what’s your secret?” The best I can say is that we have a happy situation. Both of us love great beer, but niether of us like the same great beer. One look […]


Crescent Oregon

Between Eugene and Crescent, we encountered a lot of weather.  We had rain (and even saw the end of a rainbow), fog, hail, sleet and snow.  Another thing I noticed while driving on the 58 was the abundance of taxidermist signs.  Some were more professional looking, and may or may not have had a building […]


Today in History: Run of the Alewife

Imagine my surprise when I checked my RSS reader to find that today is the traditional beginning of the run of the Alewife of Cape Cod. “Running Alewives?” I said to myself (not being familiar with the running kind, since that might spill beer). “How curious. I must learn more.” So I Googled “Alewife Run” […]