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Bitter Old Man or Poor Santa or Poor Santa Man?


Poor Santa Man...maybe

At home with a partial growler of Poorman’s IPA and just over a pints worth of Santa’s Little Helper in another growler, so I am playing mixologist.  It is more fun to come up with a beer name first then mix stuff to make the beer.  Beer Sage and I had Dirty Old Man..which I thought was Santa’s Little Helper and Hop-15…or was that a Bitter Old Man.  So as not to step on any previously poured mixes, I am going with Poor Santa Man.  In my mind the name conjures images of a thin intoxicated man dressed in a dirty Santa costume…like Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places…or Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa.  Perfect for this time of year.  Ho Ho Ho.

Nice, it looks like there is just enough of both beers for a Poor Santa Man part 2.   Cheers!

So, what do you think ?