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Recently Amazed and Amused…again


I was recently amazed and amused.  Well, maybe amazed is a little much for what occurred and it was more a pleasant surprise.  But, let me start from the beginning…

Lost Abbey - Carnevale Ale

My neighbor had a good size get-together with family and friends on Sunday, to celebrate a birth in the family…and I was invited.  Food, food, food…and beer, well….sort of.  Not being a fan of “Coor’s Light”….I chose to bring my own and brought enough to share just in case I was able to convince someone that, yes, beer was meant to me enjoy.  You do not need to torture yourself by drowning your internal organs with pressurized cans of swill.

When I got home this evening, my neighbor yelled a greeting, so I headed over to say hello.  He said that he had a few bottles of the beer that I had brought over and wanted me to take them home, as he doubted they would be consumed at his house anytime in the near future.  I told him to keep the unopened bottles so that he had something he could offer when he or his family had guests.  I loaded them into his garage fridge and took the partial growler and an open half-full 750ml bottle to dispose.

I got home, set them on the drainboard, prepared some food and flipped on the TV.  Low and behold….”Raiders of the Lost Ark”..the part towards the end of the movie when Indiana Jones is threatening to blow up the Ark and his nemesis, Rene Belloq, is calling his bluff…”go ahead, blow up the ark!”  The actor, Paul Freeman, is a complete professional…completing his lines, consuming the fly DURING his dialog and even completing the scene with the fly is IN his mouth.  I mean…you saw it…right?? There was no cut…or break…the guy ATE it.  Bravo…standing ovation.  I enjoy watching it, and am amused, every time.

A second later…maybe less…I was pouring the open 1/2 bottle of beer down the drain…and noticed…it was carbonated.  Carbonated…still…it had been open since Sunday evening when I poured a half glass.  Now, 3-days later it was still carbonated?  It sat in a cooler of ice along side 5 unopened bottles, a partial growler and many cans of swill, how could it still be carbonated?  The beer was Lost Abbey’s Carnevale Ale…and it tasted awesome.  F-ing amazing.  OK…I was amused and THEN amazed…but…who’s keeping track?

Too bad the last of the growler didn’t fare as well….I used it to water my ferns.  They, the ferns, seem to be enjoying the Helles.  Cheers.

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