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Happy Root Beer



Tasted 6 different hard root beers at today’s New Year Day party.  5.0% ABV to 7.5% ABV.  From San Diego, CA to Brooklyn, NY.  Many different flavor profiles. 

Though all were sweet and distinctly root beer-ish, some were more sweet than others.  Some had more of a black licorice/anise flavor,  and one I recall having a hint of black pepper or ginger, where almost spicy finish.

As expected, different people had different favorates, but the concensus top 3 were, not in any particular order,  Rowdy Root Beer, clocking in at 6.6% ABV,  Not Your Father’s Root Beer, clocking in at 5.9% ABV,  and Coney Island Hard Root Beer, clocking in at 5.8% ABV. 

Cheers…and Happy New Year!

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