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A La Americana


The 5.4% ABV American-style wheat beer generously hopped with Mosaic is one of the best Croatian beer we’ve had so far. With the light /pale malt body and pleasant bitter finish it was very refreshing.

It’s made on the island of Hvar just a 5 minute bike ride from Hvar town center (maybe a 20 mins walk).  Anna, the brewer/ owner of Vunetovo, makes one batch of beer a week on her 1/2 barrel nano system that she has allowed to take over one of the rooms to her home.

She had three beers available at her brewery/house.   We also tried a cherry wheat she had on draft, as well as a bottle of Hvarska Medicina, a gruit made with local herbs she found on the island. 

Though Michele and I both though we smelled/ tasted rosemary, she said none was used in the beer.  She said she use sage, well as others we don’t recall.

So, what do you think ?