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Watermelon Ale


Enjoyable, but I tasted more vanilla than I did watermelon in this 4.8% ABV wheat beer from The Phoenix Ale Brewery.  

The label mentions “…hint of watermelon to balance the tart, citrus flavors of the wheat.”  I didn’t get any tartness either.

Is it true that we drank on 8 Dec 16, where the label clearly indicates “still great until 16 Nov 16”, but we didn’t even get the bottle until last week.  It also true that the bottle made the trek accoss the Arizona desert sitting in the back of a car.  Though not as harsh as, say… a covered wagon, I can only assume recommended celler temperature was likelt exceeded.

All that said, or in this case typed, I would like to try again..fresh, on draft.

So, what do you think ?