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Jam Don’t Shake


I found this 17% ABV imperial stout collaboration between Grimm and Other Half waaaay too salty.

Yes, it’s got some good fruit tarty jamminess, and sweet maltyness. But…even after letting it warm I felt the salt was overwhelming. I didn’t get any peanut butter, or for that matter, any other recognizable nut butter, flavors at all.

I would hate to limit the redeeming qualities, as some my love this stuff. The salt did a great job of cleaning the palate. I kept sipping thinking.. this is wrong, but didn’t dump…nope, disappointed to the last drop. It had some sweet but salty margarita characteristics, but less tart and more sweet fruity-jammy way. Another thing is that no way would I have guessed 17% ABV. It hid alcohol well.

So, what do you think ?