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Matcha IPA


Pouring and seeing the bright green it reminded me of when a friend brought back Romulan Ale from the Star Trek Experience restaurant and bar in Las Vegas. Those happened to be blue and drinking it made your lips and mouth blue after a half a glass.

Your teeth were blue by the second bottle. After 3 or more, the next morning your poo was blue. I don’t recall them being bad, but nothing great either.

This one has a malty nose with notes of hops and green tea, but mostly a skunky smell of imported beers, like Heineken. Flavor is more hoppy but balanced with malty body. I didn’t notice a green tea flavor. 8.5% ABV from Kizakura, Co., Kyoto, Japan.

Apparently it wasn’t green enough and someone felt the need to add some coloring. Can you say green poo?

So, what do you think ?