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Murkwood & Polar Opposite

A Pure Project hazy IPA for me, and the 32 North golden coffee stout with vanilla on nitro for the lady.


SouthNorte Aniversario 1

Pleasantly surprised by this 7.5% ABV belgian-style saison. This has been in the fridge for a while as we weren’t to impressed with other SouthNorte beers we’ve tried.



Something to sip while starting carnitas. Quite good…and exactly one louder.


Leisure Lagoon

Sounds like a retirement community. Maybe it is and they named the beer after it, hoping to move their parents, or themselves, up on the waiting list. Decent beer. I had no problems squeezing all I could from the can, but found it a bit more dry than I prefer in the style; I like’m […]


Fresh Haze IPA

Grabbed this tall boy late night a week or so ago while walking the streets of Lost Wages, NV. I had full intentions of enjoying while I walked, but found other items of interest while out and about. Pleasantly surprised. Lots of distinctly orange juiciness, nice bitterness and soft mouth feel. At 6.5% ABV, and […]



More than a hazy IPA; it’s opaque. Not so juicy. 7% ABV with more dry finish that has notes of black pepper.


Hop Cloud Hazy IPA

We rode bicycles to Hess Brewing’s newest tasting room in Imperial Beach. Happens to be right across the street from Coronado Brewing’s IB location. 26 miles in and 24 to go. As nurishment to fortify our ride home, I chose a big boy glass of a 7% ABV, 65 IBU NE-style hazy IPA, she chose […]


Coronado North Island IPA

Mmm…for those that have been enjoying on draft for a while, you know. For those that don’t, the picture below will save me from typing… The bottles does a good job of capturing the character of the draft version we call love. Quite nice.


Oranges are Oranges

A sweet and juicy 8.2% ABV milkshake IPA from Reno’s Lead Dog Brewing. Orange with the vanilla is somewhere between orange julius and orange soda. Bitterness is mild, does a good job balancing out the sweetness, and more noticeable on the finish.