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Half Door Brewing Tasters

L to R = Buzzwords, Hypemachine, Bean Bar and Gimmick.   Though all decent, but I preferred Buzz over Hype, she preferred Gimmick over Bean.  Just saying..


Top of the Dial

Plus a Bee Side taster, and a Gold Record for the lady.  Always a good stop.


Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet

While it is true, I’ve not had Torpedo in a while.. .I’m enjoying this offering more than I recall liking Torpedo.  Lighter malt I’m thinking.   And it has that 8% ABV thing going for it.


Happy New Year

Enjoyed some beers with friends during the eve.  


Belgian New Year at BLAH

Well into or Belgian New Year celebration …with some damn fine options.  Petrus with Passionfruit, Gulden Draak Calvados (aged in apple brandy barrels), Depont Avec Les Bons Voeur…on and on. The hard part will be biking the 10+ miles back home before it gets dark.  Lucky for us it is mostly downhill.  


Modern Times Tasters

A bit ahead of schedule, thirsty and in need of a restroom break….so we found a place to stop. L to R,  Ghost Train, Folding Ships, Elemental Magic and Transit of Venus.


Escondido Brewing Tasters

L to R is top to bottom on the menu (in the background). Greatly enjoyed Hopcondido IPA at first sip.  Sadly, the others…not so much.  Decided to save the Hopcondido while I attempted to give other beers a second, third…fourth chance/taste.  We couldn’t finish most. While that happened, Hopcondido got weird.  The nose was total […]



Though it’s served hazy at the moment,  the IPA has more a west coast hop profile with a lingering grapefruit-peel bitterness. Tasty. 


Island Hopper

Greatly enjoyed this dry sour cider from Los Angeles’s 101 Cider House.  Had I not known it was a cider, I would have thought a sour beer.  It’s full-bodied, some sweetness up front with the fruit in the nose, but more tart on the palate.  Quite nice.