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Lovelady Love Juice #13

Just in town for a minute before stumbling into juicy goodness. 5.9% ABV IPA made in the NE hazy style. Lucky to find PUB 365 open until 2am…then phone died.


Cross Fade

Super carbonated. When I popped the cap the beer overflowed. I quickly poured and was able to salvage most of it. We quite enjoyed this 5.5% hoppy farmhouse saison with brett from Maine’s Oxbow Brewing. Nice brett nose and dry finish with mild bitterness. Reminds me of bicycling through Belgium. Yay Beercycling.


Nug-o-War IPA

Totally stoked to find this gem from the minds of Pizza Port and Burgeon Beer the back of the fridge. Not so stoked to find the draft of yesterday’s post when I went to generate this post.



It’s like Modern Times night in da house.


hop diggity

I don’t recall this 8.2% ABV double IPA from Mother Earth Brew Co. being so fruity. Quite nice.


Mirror Universe

A 7% hazy IPA from Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minneapolis, MN. Not bad, but with virtually no hop bitterness and lacking the strong hop nose of the dry hopping…it’s kinda underwhelming. Hmmm…date on the bottom of the can is 10-02-18, so it is likely due to beer being a bit old. I look forward […]


Bah-├▒illa Milkshake IPA

Super carbonated, so very foamy. Nose is kinda sweet with non-distinct fruitiness. Flavor is sweet and juicy with more pronounced fruitiness. With no fruit indicated I’m assuming it must be characteristics of the dryhopping bill. All wrapped up in a 6% ABV package. Not bad, but to great. I liked the juicy, but thought it […]


High Style Pale Haze

…not to be confused with “high life” or “high times”. Though it’s not saying much, of the dozen or so non-alcoholic beers I’ve tried over the years, it is one of the better ones I’ve tasted. Smells like beer. A nose of sweet malts and a hop profile that smells like, well….marijuana…but in a beerish […]



There have been a handful of milkshake IPAs that Michele has really like. All the standout ones have been double or triple IPAs (8% to 13% ABV), mostly with fruit, all somewhat sweet and super dry-hopped with very little bitterness on the tongue (less than 20 IBU). I grabbed this can of 8% ABV nitro […]