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My Savior

During the slow stop-n-go trek that is Little Italy’s India Street, my car started to act up and coasted to a stop just north of Grape. I ended up in front of a parking meter with time still on it…hmm.. 40-mins left. must be a sign. I found my Savior…a delish 8% triple dry-hopped […]


Eurisko Beers

Our favorite beer stop so far today. R to L were Namaste Hazed, Terms of Endearment and Summer Wit…with not a bad beer in the bunch. So happy with what we had also enjoyed the Tap-Shackled 11% imperial stout.


Wayfarer IPA…

…for me and a Tart Berry for the lady. At Green Man Brewing Company.


Bhramari Tasters

1000 words worth… Second thousand words All good. If I had to pick a fav it would be The Good Fight.



An 8.7% double IPA for me and Madame Pumpkin Saison for the lady.



Surprizingly good. It has a big sweet malty base I normally not a big fan of in my IPAs but with strong notes of melon and fruits it is quite enjoyable…and may be the perfect breakfast beer. It’s even got the 8.5% ABV going for it. Her Stone Berliner Weisse…not so much. Finish is bone […]


Big Sur Double IPA

I big malty 9.6% ABV DIPA with a nice hop balance. From Barrelhouse Brewing. Paired well with our Morrow Bay oysters.


Casa Agria Tasters

After hours in the car I need to stretch my legs and find a bathroom. As usual she found the perfect place just off the 101…a brewery. Trying to stay on schedule we limited ourselves to two each, but really need to spend more time here…all we tried were quite good. R to L we […]


A little Puff after work

By little I mean 12 fluid ounces. By Puff I mean 9.8% ABV, 108 IBU IPA from Sixpoint Brewery. Per the label an unfiltered and special dry-hopped version of their Resin imperial IPA. Piney and resinous hop characteristics overpower the big malty base so no residual sweetness. The pleasant, but strong, bitterness doesn’t linger as […]


Ketch Brewing Tasters

This newer brewery is in the Brig HQ on Ostrow, and currently only open on weekdays for lunch, between 11am and 2pm. Owned by the folks that own the Brigantine restaurants, I’ve heard the beer will be made for the restaurants. While there, the fav of all 3 or 4 groups ordering beer was the […]