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Haunted House

Oooo…scary. surprisingly pleasing. Dark and malty, with nice hop bitterness, but without the roasty bitterness that I…

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Pure Project Tasters

L to R, Lupulin Lasso, Practical Elegance,  Uncovered Roots, Lost Monarch, Corylus (batch 3) and Cup of…

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Villa Craft Mosaic IPA

From Sintra Portugal.

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Battle of the Botafogo

One house beer today at Alvares Brewing in Porto. Being a New England IPA was more than…

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Duque Brewpub tasters

R to L, 3, 4, 5 and 7 (see pic below). She preferred the Albino white stout,…

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Hop Fu & 3 Philosophers

Something for everyone. Oh yeah!

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Avec les Bons Voeux

…in proper glassware courtesy of a past Belgian New Year party at BLAH.

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An Extended Getaway…

..before our extended getaway. A 7% ABV west coast IPA from Pizza Port.

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Proof of Work

Actual proof. Super yummy 8.7-something % ABV juicy hazy IPA. Juicy nose that follows thru nicely with…

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2020 Summer Blend

Somewhat tart and dry apple cider with a bit of barnyard funk on the nose. Quite refreshing…