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Rock Bottom La Jolla

A Mary Jane IPA for me and a Winter Wheat, sans the orange slice and sprinkle of ground spices, for the lady.  Both quite tasty.  MJ clocking in at 7%, the Winter Wheat 8.5%


The Incredible Hop

An imperial black IPA from Fort Collins Brewery.  It reminds me of a blend of an imperial IPA and a stout…75% IPA.  Smells like a barleywine.  No ABV listed on the bottle.


Leftover Speedways at O’Briens

Weeeell….it was on the way.  Stopped in just to see if any Speedway was still on from last night. Lucky us, it was.  Mexican Chocolate, Orange Rum, Mole, 2009 Bourbon Barrel Aged, and Michele’s fav Chipotle and Morita Pepper were what we tried before being given the boot to make way for The Tomme Arthur Experience […]


Coffee Beers at Tiger!Tiger!

This afternoon Tiger!Tiger is having “Order by Aroma”.  Yep, no lists of beers to look at, just glasses for you to sniff. We knew that they had coffee beer flights for brunch and were glad to “smell” that they still some to taste. She chose #8 and I had #15. #15 was Hop Jitters Coffee […]


Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Trippel

…at Toronado.   At first taste it reminded me of the remnants of a whiskey cocktail after the ice has melted and watered it down.  Next fews sips were much better…flavors better as it warmed.