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Big Bear Mountain Brewery…

…yep, you guessed it…in Big Bear.  I didn’t know this place existed until I saw them at the Brewers Guild Beer Fest at the beginning of San Diego Beer Week earlier this year.  I wasn’t too impressed then, but they had a lot of competition.  Here, after a day on the slopes and me likely […]


Slope Bound with Older Viscosity

Something to warm the cockles on this brisk and snowy day in our local mountains.  No Mr.Ski Patrol Man…it is Coke Zero.


Burton Baton from Dogfish Head

Though I greatly enjoy IPAs,, 2x and imperial to boot…I have not been too impressed with the oak aged stuff I have tried.  I found this blend of oak aged and unaged IPA enjoyable while soaking up to my neck in hot bubbling water. The 10%ABV kicked in and I required mouth to mouth resuscitation.  […]


I Beat You with my cool Sam Adams Glass…

..and not a mark on the glass.  Had I the forethought to take the picture prior to pouring the beer, the pic would be aptly titled.  I beat you in my glass was just not as catchy.


Melt Down time

A Double IPA from Midnight Sun Brewing, clocking in 8%ABV.  A great beer to enjoy this evening while putting in an 80 hour week…all so I can get some time off around the holidays.  Oh..then play catch-up the first couple weeks of January…jeez.


Jack D’Or from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project

We had this saison americaine the first time on draft at the grand opening of Monkey Paw a couple months ago.  The bottle was just as yummy…and we love the labels.  Good job Dann and Martha.  We look forward to trying more of your beers. 


Vanilla from Latitude 33 Brewing

Named after a creole woman from Texas, this english styled mild porter, with just the right amount of vanilla, is just what the doctor ordered.


Fantome Belgian Saison

Tastes wonderful…perfect for a pre-holiday party beverage.  The combination of citrus flavors and carbonation reminds me of a mimosa..sort-of…but better.