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Happy Labor Day

Many have labored to bring together a small collection of beer growlers for sampling today.  Growlers from Port Brewing/ Lost Abbey, Alpine Beer Company, Belmont Brewing Company, Hanger 24 and Green Flash have arrived so far.  Still more in route.  I hope you enjoy your labor day as much as I will enjoy mine.


Russian River Glass Night at Pizza Port Solana Beach

I friend convinced me to meet with him to grab a pint.  It looked like everyone had the same idea; the place was packed and the beer line was out the door. We enjoyed our beverages and had a bite to eat.  It got dark and we each went home.  The end.


Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bottle version of this seasonal coffee vanilla imperial porter, but there is something better about it on draft.  I missed it so much since having some Saturday, I stopped by Churchills again for tid bit after work…mmm…


Blind Pig IPA at Churchills

Checking on the renovation progress of my local watering hole and found a yummy Blind Pig IPA on tap.  Bartendar Tony said that they will bring out more jockey boxes and some great beers to satisfy the pre and post crowds of the Stone Anniversary party this Saturday.   mmmm…looking forward to it.


Another day, another Dogfish Head

The cool and tart beer was very refreshing after a warm July day.  And at only 4.5% alc/vol, I think I’ll have another.  yumm


Aprihop from Dogfish Head Brewery

The first time I have DFH Aprihop it was on draft at my local watering hole.  I found the bottle to have a much more pronounced fruity apricot nose.   I find the citrus smell from the hops and the sweet smell from the apricot a very interesting combination in this seasonal release.  Get it […]


Certainly one of the few left in north county

After my random poll today at the brewery, I surmised that there are very few of these floating around.  After a long-ass, and hot day, this is perfect.  One of those not-so-big-beers that tastes like a big-ass beer. often do you get that.  Too bad we have to wait until next fall to get […]


“Oh, you like beer? You gotta try this.”

A guy at work, said that to me and handed me a bottle of  Michelob Ultra Cactus Lime.  I reluctantly took the bottle, thanked him and told him I would share it with some friends of mine.  If the ingredients were on the label I would expect the first two to be carbonated water and […]