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Rustic Bread & Cheese from Maine

My sister has been sending me regional food and drink from her new home town of Blue Hill, Maine.   Like me she was born and raised in California and uprooted a few years ago, floated for a little bit and then settled in Blue Hill. First it was beer, which I posted..I think.  Then it […]


Lightning Brewery’s Black Lightning Porter

The tree is out by the curb, the Christmas crap is 98% packed up and I felt it was a good time for a beverage. It’s good, but I enjoyed it more on tap for the short time it was available at Churchill’s.


America’s Oldest Brewery

Yuengling Traditional Lager Original Amber Beer is a favorite beer of a beer drinking colleague of mine.  She was heading back to Pottsville, PA for a visit, and since it is not available out here I gave her some advice on how to pack it and get some back in her luggage.  With creative packing […]


Friday: Brewpubs in Colorado Springs, CO

Friday we took the time to visit a few local brew pubs/ breweries in Colorado Springs. Trinity Brewing – Awaken Stout Trinity Brewing – Flo IPA Our next stop was Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. At Phantom Canyon I chose the beer sampler of the eight beers they had on tap. My brother chose a pint […]


Colorado day three was very low key

I had to make a pick-up at the airport at mid-night so beer consumption was way down yesterday. I was able to to make the required beer run to get us through today. The first beer yesterday was Il Vicino Brewing Company – Wet Mountain IPA. It appears the beer is brewed and bottle for […]


Evening number two in Colorado.

I was immediately excited and then disappointed when I found out the the Bar Trail that we were going to do is actually a trail and not a row of bars. After the walk we headed home. We opened a couple of beers and then it we decided to sample some of the beers I […]


In Colorado for Thanksgiving and enjoying the local brew

We concluded the evening with some beers they had bought for me, in anticipation of my arrival. Stone IPA and a Stone Pale Ale. Then it was time for a little shut-eye. Today we are planning on going on a hike and then visit some local brew pubs.