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Juice by the Pool

At this rate there is no way I’ll still have any cans left on the 4th of July. Gonna need to pick up some more.


Duck Foot Brewing Tasters

R to L. Duck Force 5, their 5th Anniversary 11% ABV triple IPA, Goofy-Regular, 7.4% ABV hazy IPA, Wookiee Roar, 5.7% ABV American amber, and Drink This or the Bee Dies, 6.5% ABV golden honey ale.


Rockstar Virtual Beer Fest 3

Our fav…The Bruery Wit the Funk. Light, refreshing, tart and funky. True, it does have the advantage of being foeder aged…assuming you like that kind of thing. Many other weren’t far behind…Schöner Tag hefe, Broken Skull, Tabula Rosa, Chief Peak… We didn’t participate in fest 2, but found this beer selection better than the first.


Waffling Over Pastries

An 11.3% ABV imperial pastry porter from North Park Beer Co. Sweet malty nose with loads of maple syrup and chocolate. Once it warms a bit, the maple is more noticeable over the sweet chocolate malt flavors. Finishes with warming bitterness and a sticky residue. And that was the end of Michele.


Study Break

A 10% ABV pastry stout made with good stuff. Though it doesn’t outright say so, it seems heavily inspired by the snickers candy bar. Smells of sweet chocolate and peanuts. Flavor does not disappoint, though you need to allow it to warm to get the peanut flavor. As expected, it finishes just as sweet as […]


Socks & Sandals

A 6.6% ABV foggy IPA from Humble Sea Brewing Co. Nice hoppy nose. Flavor seems thin, with virtually no bitterness and a somewhat dry finish. Decent, but nothing to write home about.


Pure West

A delish 6.5% ABV west coast IPA. Piney and resinous, crisp dry finish…damn good.


In Good Company

Much better.  A 8.5% hazy DIPA collaboration beer from Moksa Brewing Co. and Casa Agria Specialty Ales.  Super juicy hop nose with notes of pineapple and melon.  Mouthfeel/flavor is not as sweet as the nose implies…it’s more dry and hop flavors have a black pepper quality that dissipates quickly after you swallow. Sip, sip, and […]


Matcha IPA

Pouring and seeing the bright green it reminded me of when a friend brought back Romulan Ale from the Star Trek Experience restaurant and bar in Las Vegas. Those happened to be blue and drinking it made your lips and mouth blue after a half a glass. Your teeth were blue by the second bottle. […]


Daiquiri Island

Quite impressed with this 5.5% ABV strawberry and banana kettle sour beer from Alavardo Street Brewery. Sweet banana and strawberries on the nose over the tart malt base, with a more-tart-than-sweet flavor that follows through nicely. Flavors and mouth-feel are full bodied, and not thin, which seems often the case with lower ABV beers. Not […]