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Triple Dry Hyped

A delish 10.5% ABV hazy triple IPA from the fine folks at Pure Project. At only 50 IBU it finishes a bit sweeter than I prefer, but I’m suffering through it just fine.


Hop Puddin’

Strong nose of sweet vanilla and coconut. Flavor matches the nose, but has a mild hop bitterness in the sweet finish. I kept sipping and asking myself what I was tasting…then it was gone. Lots of flavors I would think wouldn’t work together, but oddly they do….and all wrapped up in an 8% ABV solution. […]


New Amplified Beers

Triple can release at Miramar and Backstage (downstairs PB) locations R to L = Top to Bottom of the top 3 below. On tap for a limited time…cans may be around a bit longer. A butt-load of coconut and vanilla notes in the Puddin’ but with a hop bitterness. Juice = yummy. The collaboration beer […]


Just Outstanding IPA

The label claims a big malty taste with Cimcoe and Amarillo hops.  I can’t distinguish the hops, but the big malty part is really there and I like it.  It’s light in color, but it’s got the taste complexity of a red or brown, so they weren’t lying.  It’s not heavy though as it finished […]


Watermelon Wild Ale

We enjoyed the taster we received when we picked up Michele’s bottle.


Groundswell Tasters

Last time we were here it was Manzanita. R to L, Right Here Right Now, Got Anything Hazy II, Guava Tart and Cream Ale. Both RHRN double IPA, clocking in at 9.1% ABV, and the unfiltered IPA made with guava and pineapple, clocking in at 6.9% ABV, were decent enough. Can’t say the same for […]


Tales from the Kettle

Scottish ale brewed with black tea gives this a unique taste.  Scottish ales are usually too dry and syrupy for me on the brown side because of the carmelization, but the tea factor makes a good offset. 21st amendment gave a place to its brewing competition participants and chose this as a finalist.  The brewers’ […]


Figueroa Mountain Lizard’s Mouth

Mango, papaya, and pineapple imperial IPA. Named after a mountain in California. If you dumped a tub of Trader Joe’s Mango Papaya Salsa into a vat of Ballast Point and increase the Alc by Volume to 9%. This is what you’d get.