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Cashmere Colada DDH IPA

A tasty DDH coconut IPA, clocking in at 8.5% ABV, from North Park Beer Co. The nose is sweet and fruity. At first more heavy on the coconut, but that mellowed and balances with nice pineapple notes. Flavor is on the sweet side, with additional notes of melon and virtually no bitterness.


Yay…Juicy Bits.. go. I’ll have to take their word for it on the hazy aspect, but nice juicy hop flavors over a pale malt body. Plus it’s got that 6.7% ABV thing going for it.


Fuzzy Logic

A 7.1% ABV hazy peach IPA from Bottle Logic. Nose is sweet malts and peaches. Taste is not sweet, or at least not as sweet as the nose implies. Taste more like a fruited cream ale than a IPA of any kind. No bitterness. Not getting the juicy aspects I would like. But a clean […]


Zanzibar Chocolate Ice Cream Stout

Tastes like chocolate milk. Not like chocolate milk creamy wholesome chocolate milk…with no ABV…not 8% chocolate milk, which is what it is. Sipped directly from the decanter. Maybe that was part of it. Wanna try again but poured into a glass. A delish, desserty, collaboration from Untitled Art and Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co.


Brainbox Pollution

Yum. Nice juicy hop nose. Flavor is sweeter than expected, with little to no bitterness. 32oz went down waaay to fast. All that and clocked in at 8.5% ABV. What’s not to love.



Some 6% ABV hydration after a quick mow. I enjoyed it. Plenty of citrus forward hop characteristics on the nose and tastebuds. Some nice hop bitterness up front, that follows through…but miraculous, like poof, is gone once you swallow. Sierra Nevada are damn magicians. Now you taste it, now you don’t. I can see that […]


Jam Don’t Shake

I found this 17% ABV imperial stout collaboration between Grimm and Other Half waaaay too salty. Yes, it’s got some good fruit tarty jamminess, and sweet maltyness. But…even after letting it warm I felt the salt was overwhelming. I didn’t get any peanut butter, or for that matter, any other recognizable nut butter, flavors at […]


Industrial Accident

An tasty 8% ABV IPA from Fall Brewing. If I recall from when I picked it out of the line-up, it’s a hazy double IPA…but, hell… that was close to a month ago. Nose is resinous hops. Flavor is more balanced, well…for an IPA, malty but not sweet. Nice hop flavors with low bitterness.


Willfull delusion of false perception

Damn….older than I thought… …but held up fairly well. First sips had notes of candied fruits in the juicyness, but less so as it warms. Nose becomes more resinous, malt flavors more noticable, with mild bitterness on the finish. I’d love to have tried this earlier.