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Beéche Black IPA

Nose is sweet dark roasted/toasted malts, but not burnt smell. Flavor is not sweet and more mild than the nose implies, like it’s been watered down. The bitterness tastes more like burnt malts and not hops. I believe the 5% ABV on the bottle, but not the 90 IBUs


Mi Tata and Tortuguero

Stoked to find one of the Costa Rica Beer Factory restaurants next to our San Jose hotel. Decent local list plus international offerings. Mostly bottles, but a few drafts. This stop I tried 2 IPAs. Mi Tata is an American IPA brewed by Corcovado Cerveceria Artesanal. A nice mix of pale malt body and citrus/pine […]


Rubia – Belgian Golden Ale

We both agreed that this beer from La Selva Cerveza Artesanal has been the best of the Costa Rican made beer that we’ve had so far. Pale malt body with mild sweetness, no bitterness, clean finish with notes of Belgian yeast esters. It’s got that 6.8% ABV going for it too.


Ambar IPA

Just as the name implies, it has a malty sweetness of an amber ale and the hoppy bitterness of an IPA. The combination is what I would expect of an double hopped English IPA, using Pacific Northwest American hops. 6.5% ABV from Costa Rica’s Cerveceria Del Centro.


Six Domingo Siete Beers

In the few days in La Fortuna we found six different beers from Domingo Siete/La Micro Brewing Company. All well made with no off flavors. The Lagarta fruity ale made with Matacuya & Pitahaya was unique. They did a great job of making a fruity beer without it being sweet. Ano Anso, their blueberry wheat […]


Treintaycinco Beers

Both of us were disappointed with our choices; a couple beers from a different craft brewery in Costa Rica,Treintaycinco. Both La Penola (IPA) and Lora (golden strong) had off flavors. Anticeptic/ bandaid in both. IPA had a grapefruit seed extract flavor on top of the anticeptic, and the flavor of…what reminded me of paste from […]


Mikhail Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout

The actual full name is Small Batch Escondido Satirist Mikhail Bulgakov author of The Master and Margarita Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels.  According to the back label, they age it 14 months in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon barrels.  This particular bottle has a brewed date of July 17, 2016 and bottled […]


#7 Golden Ale

From Costa Rica’s La Micro Brewing Company. A 5% ABV with pale malt flavors and no bitterness; just enough hops to round out the finish.



The first micro brew we had in Costa Rica was this Irish Red Ale from Costa Rica Beer Factory. Worked for me. It tasted like the Irish reds I’ve tried.


Stone Exalted IPA

Nose is nice resinous hop over malty base. Flavor has a herbal bitterness I’m not a fan of and the malty sweetness predicted smell. This is the second beer from Stone, that I’ve had on the last few weeks, that was made with Loral hops and I didn’t care for it.