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Island Hopper

Greatly enjoyed this dry sour cider from Los Angeles’s 101 Cider House.  Had I not known it was a cider, I would have thought a sour beer.  It’s full-bodied, some sweetness up front with the fruit in the nose, but more tart on the palate.  Quite nice.


Whispering Pine IPA

Hydration is key.  This will work in a pinch.  Big Bear Lake Brewing Company’s (not to be confused with older Big Bear Mountain Brewing) has a malty base with some risidual sweetness, and pleasent hop bitterness.  Plus it’s got that 8.5% ABV thing going for it.  


Sculpin IPA at Snow Summit

I chose over Lagunitas IPA, 805, Fat Tire and a few Coors options. As expected, premium prices for a crappy selection to a captive clientele.  


Into the Sunset

An abundance of sweet orange zest on the nose.  A pleasent mild bitterness at first.  Maybe because of the sweet nose, but I’m getting more an unpleasant grapefruit peel bitterness that lingers a bit longer on the finish. I had no problem finishing the bottle, but likely wouldn’t buy again. 


Joe-Joe’s Cookie Stout

Some Ho Ho Ho to go.   Sweet roasted malts, with a hint of vanilla, up front.  Mildly bitter finish…seems more roasty bitterness and not a hop bitterness.  Flavor/mouth feel is like a milk stout.  At 6% ABV is like a light pastry stout I kept sipping and sipping…until it disappeared.  I enjoyed it.


Tempered Ego IPA

A newer New England-style hazy IPA from the fine folks at San Diego’s own Resident Brewing Co. Juicy with citrus hop flavors, mild bitterness and 6.7% ABV.   Very enjoyable.  


Santo Ron Diego

Pulled a beer from the fridge door that’s been sitting for a while to share.  Nice carbonation with more oak characteristics and slightly lighter body than I recall originally.  Deceptively smooth for 12.5% ABV.


Top of the Dial

A newer, but by now almost gone, 8% IPA in the hazy style.  A mix of fruity and citrus, and west coast hop flavors.  Tasty.


Por Favor

I found Baja Brewing Mexican IPA was more poor flavor than por favor.  I dumped after a couple sips.