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Yeeewwww IPA

When you say the name of this one you need to make the Shaka sign with your fingers. Lots of mosaic in this Backstreet Brew.


RVK Brewing Tasters

To get it to eight glass flight, we passed pn the lager, chose the draft version of the “All Night Long” and the nitro version of the “AfterHours” for the fight. Quite pleased with them all. I thought the nose for draft of All Night Long was off Favs were the cask version of All […]


Ölvisholt Tasters

Knowing their open hours were limited, we were happy to find them open when driving past. Unfortunately we arrived 15 mins before closing; they were gracious enough to serve us anyway, as another brewery staffer was on site tending to things for a bit longer. We agreed on a flight of 8 beers, as well […]


Borg Brugghus Bjórs

Myrkvi NR.13, a 6% ABV coffee porter, for the lady, and Úlfur NR.3, a 5.9% ABV IPA, for me. Staying at a horse ranch hostel in Skjol, and found a campground with a small restaurant-bar right across the way.


Skadi Farmhouse Ale

A pleasant 7.5% Icelandic-style farmhouse ale from Ölvisholt Brewery. Nicely balanced and malt forward. We will be passing the brewery tomorrow, hopefully during their 12 to 3 open hours.


Ölverk Tasters

A quick stop at Ölverk Pizza and Brewery, just west of Selfoss. From R to L we tried 1, 3, 4 and 7…later realized 4 and 7 were guest beers. Ölvisholt is a planned stop in a couple days.



A delish 13+% pastry stout from Moksa Brewing out of Sacramento, CA. Like a Scandinavian Omnipolo pastry stout good. If ya don’t already have diabetes, this is a good head start. Dessert sweet. Surprised, but quite pleased, to find it still on tap a week after last weeks Moksa tap takeover.


Hop Puddin’ Can

After trying Juice in a can I had to try a Hop Puddin’ can. Mmm… still some bitterness, but slightly less. Quite tasty… though still think “Hawaiian Topics” while sipping. Michele wants even zero bitterness and added chocolate notes, like an Almond Joy. Yeah, yeah…Mounds is the one without almonds, but AJ is dark chocolate. […]


Juice by the Pool

Juice in the can is awesome. Sure, that’s my perspective… but that’s me drinking n typing n shit. The can has been in the fridge for a week or so, and I didn’t pour the last bit…keeping the sludge to a minimum. I thought it has less lingering bitterness and found even more juicy.