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Mr. Cloudy

A tasty 9% ABV New England-style hazy IPA from the fine folks at Mikkeller San Diego. I couldn’t pass the $10 for selected crowler and fills during the recent “crowler awareness day”. I’m sure we need more awareness, and am willing to support the cause.


Inevitable Adventure DIPA

Another Stone double IPA, this one made with Loral and Dr. Rudi’s hops and clocking in at 8.9% ABV. I got a strong nose of melon, sweet malts, alcohol and resinous hops. Melon less pronounced as it warmed, and couldn’t identify another smell I was getting….she smelled cauliflower, which I’m not getting at all. Flavor […]


Golden Road: Ride On IPA

It’s light, crisp, clear, and citrusy.  Golden Road is a local Los Angeles brewery.  Their IPA is, while really good, a middle of the road beer given the competition they are up against with everybody and their cousin trying to launch a West Coast IPA.  That said, it’s extremely drinkable and this is my all-time […]


Freak Out IPA

Tasty 6.3% ABV unfiltered IPA from the fine folks of Mother Earth Brew Co. Pleasent mild bitterness, nicely dry hopped with a more dry finish…somewhat in the NE style.



Doing it easy…right from da can.


Modern Times Havnor

After trying a splash of Havnor at a local watering hole, I wasn’t super excited about the bottle we already had in the fridge. The bottle was way better. Pale malt body, pleasant hop bitterness with strong notes of sweet melon on the nose (which stuck around for the first half of the beer) but […]


New England Style Double IPA

I found this 8.4% ABV hazy beer from Temecula’s Black Market Brewing decent, but nothing outstanding. Pours hazy with a resinous hop nose. Flavor has more than a mild bitterness and finishes dry. Hop bitterness a mix of pine and grapefruit peel, which definitely gives is an east coast IPA vibe. No problem finishing it, […]


Patterns Double IPA

Quite happy with this 8.4% ABV DIPA from Alaska’s Anchorage Brewing Company. It pours hazy, but with pronounced hop bitterness it’s not really a NE-style IPA.


Toasted Coconut Milkshake IPA

I stopped by Toolbox Brewing to try their new release milkshake IPA…and it was good. I found the bitterness overpowering the coconut flavors. But…very happy with the 12.5% ABV pastry stout Truffle Dome. With a nose like rich hot cocoa, and a balanced bittersweet finish..what’s not to like.