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National Drink Beer Day

Happy National Drink Beer Day! Yeah, it was yesterday…but I was kinda busy doing my part to celebrate the day. I would hope anyone reading this did the same. I enjoyed the the MadeWest 7% ABV brut IPA, Effervescent, with our 1.5 dozen oysters on the half-shell, octopus a la plancha and chowder fries at […]



This 6.5% ABV pale ale smells of grapefruit rind and pine, with pronounced hop bitterness over a very light bodied malt base. From the fine folks at Lord Hobo Brewing .


Boom Sauce

Lord Hobo Brewing proudly presents…a tasty 7.8% ABV IPA in the New England Style.


Relax in the Jacuzzi

After a few miles on the bicycle…it’s just what I needed…hot water up to my neck and a tasty beverage. Juicy n delish.


Pure Project Zestier

We came here for the Murkshake with raspberries. R to L we tried the Nine Nights (a spectacular 12.8% ABV rum barrel-aged imperial stout with coconut and vanilla beans…mmmm….pastry stout, Murkshake with raspberries (more tart than sweet with lingering bitterness, clocking in at 10.5% ABV..but a higher than normal bitterness at 60 IBU), and Zestier […]


Organic Session IPA

Pleasantly surprised with this mild session IPA. Nose is juicy citrus. Taste is light pale malt body with very mild bitterness and somewhat dry finish.


Guava Islander

Drink’n right out of da can. Smells…like fish? No…that’s my hands. I washed after preparing and eating salmon for lunch. After another hand wash…better. It smells like sweet fruit punch beer. Flavor is not so sweet. Bitterness is mild, likely offset by the sweetness of the fruit, making beer more balanced. Tasting alone, I would […]


Aloha Citra

I have to admit that at first sips I was not so impressed. But a few more and I’m liking this newer “Hop Freshener” release from Hop Concept/ Port Brewing. The nice Citra flavors shines through with pleasant bitterness and no malty sweetness….some lingering bitterness..just enough to justify another sip. Maybe it’s the 8.5% ABV […]


Lord Hobo Angelica

A juicy dry-hopped wheat to relax with. Way less bossy than Rugrat’s Angelica Pickles.