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Founders Mango Magnifico

My friends had me try this as they knew I am a sometime fan of Tecate, lime, salt, and Tapatio. The mango makes it overly sweet. It’s got a very smooth feel with a slight banana taste. At the end is a firey rush. It’s not something I’d buy, but it was fun to taste. […]


Rock the Pale Ale

Thorn Street Brewing APA is working just fine. Listening to Bully and Melkbelly.


Draai Laag Apples & Pears

An interesting ale. Secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces, white wine yeast, elderflower and the namesake fruits results in a dry, funky and slightly tart beer. I’m not really getting apples or pears at all, but I am getting an essence of fruit. 4.3% ABV.


Post Bike Ride Pastry Stout

Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Stout was just the thing, after 36.8 miles and 4 beer stops, while soaking in hot water up to our necks. Yummy can of dessert in a pool safe decanter.


Absolution 405 No Coast IPA

The Torrance, CA brewer, Absolution Brewing Company, has expanded south. Absolution By The Sea recently took over the old La Jolla Brewing space. Currently pouring pints and half pints only. I tasted The Wicked and the 405. Between the hefe and the standard blond, the Peach Blond was no longer available, she chose the blond. […]


Fall Brewing Tasters

L to R Enormous Schwanzstucker, Goo Goo Muck IPA, 2am Bike Ride and Watermelon Jazz Hands.


Check Your Hops & E11even

In preparation for tomorrows can realease…making sure the product is up to standard. Mmm..think I need to make more sure.


1-800-Tropics IPA Ext 228

I enjoyed this on draft a few times at the brewery and was happy to see it in cans. I was told that the Ext. varies with each change-up to the recipe. I enjoyed the can as well. Mild lemon citrus hop flavors with mild bitterness and 6.7% ABV.