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BA Nyctophobia…

…with orange and cocoa nibs, by the fire pit.  Whoa…aged nicely.  On draft I thought the orange was overwhelming.  Though still present, it’s less so. More wood and bourbon notes, roasty while maintaining the nice boozieness quality. The 14.2% ABV helps with that.


Chocodial n Soundcheck

Chocodial Rock, an 8% ABV chocolate forward stout, for the lady, and Soundcheck with Nelson, a 7.4% ABV IPA with, you guessed it, Nelson hops, for me. Yum. Beautiful evening. Happy to see the patio full. We love this place.


Happy Independence Day!

We’ve been saving a few of these cans for today. Though likely the best for all that it was canceled, we missed not having the the Bird Rock neighborhood Beaumont Avenue parade. Today would have been the 41st year. Cheers


Juice by the Pool

At this rate there is no way I’ll still have any cans left on the 4th of July. Gonna need to pick up some more.


Head Banger

… you know that shit can’t be good for your brain. A fun song and a 4.7% generic lager from Amplified Ale Works.



Sadly my last can. Wish I had an extra for last Tuesday virtual happy hour/ beer share. So good. The cans have been way more juicy than the draft version that I had… when was that. Send like months ago. Stoked to hear Amplified Ale Works PB and East Village are re-opening their kitchens for […]



Amplifing at home. Whoa…more tropical notes up front than I recall. Fruity, but not sweet or overly malty. Nice hop balance with pleasant, though somewhat mild, hop bitterness. Need to grab more next Saturday.


Electrocution IPA

When you can’t enjoy it at the source, you do it elsewhere. Tasty.


Amplified Ale Works

Go support great folks and beer. Amplified Ale Works is open today (Saturday, 11 Apr 2020) from noon to 5pm. We grabbed 4-paks of their flagship IPA, Electrocution, and MDRN HSTRY, a tasty IPA made in collaboration with the local namesake band. Also grabbed a growler of Stratacaster, a delish hazy IPA and growler of […]


Dry School Hop Out DIPA

Going deep into the ‘ol beer drawer. Piney and resinous, medium malt body with good lingering hop bitterness. Quite impressed by how well this has held up. I would have thought it would be more barleywine-ish, with softening hop profiles. Can time-stamped 6-Years Down, 11/01/18, so upwards of 9.3 years in dog beers.