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Wet Zeppelin

Seems like it’s been a few years since I’ve had this wet hop IPA, from Amplified Ale…

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Last of my Juice Springsteen

Darn tasty.

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Soundcheck IPA back in PB

Nelson and Strata….mmm.

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Che, Che, Check it out…

…wha, wha, what’s it all about? My last can of Check Your Hops. Need, need, need to…

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BA Nyctophobia…

…with orange and cocoa nibs, by the fire pit.  Whoa…aged nicely.  On draft I thought the orange…

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Chocodial n Soundcheck

Chocodial Rock, an 8% ABV chocolate forward stout, for the lady, and Soundcheck with Nelson, a 7.4%…

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Happy Independence Day!

We’ve been saving a few of these cans for today. Though likely the best for all that…

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Juice by the Pool

At this rate there is no way I’ll still have any cans left on the 4th of…

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Head Banger

… you know that shit can’t be good for your brain. A fun song and a 4.7%…

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Sadly my last can. Wish I had an extra for last Tuesday virtual happy hour/ beer share….