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Electrocution IPA

It was not an easy decision choosing between their Hommel Hoff and Electrocution…both sooooo good…. but there comes a time when one must decide.   I chose right for now.



Looks like another beautiful day in San Diego.  A session IPA may be the perfect 11am beverage.


Electro-Lite n Rare Form

At Amplified Ale Works with a big boy Electro-Lite session IPA and a sidecar 4oz of Rare Form, their 13.?% barrel-aged quad…really good.


Post Guild Fest SD 2014…Amplified

Slippery when Wet Hopped.  The last 2 kegs were held for SDBW, and they won’t last long.   New batch of Electrocution IPA is also on, and will also go fast, but that is in a big ‘ol serving vessel.   Look for Leggy Blonde and Electrocution IPA at Saturday SD Guild Fest.  Happy 2nd Birthday to […]


Leggy Blond & Treble Tripel

A great time to visit Amplified Ale Works/ California Kebab in PB.   The new batch of Leggy Blond is the best since, well… that time that… I guess ifhad justbeen a while.  And at only 5.something % ABV  they serve it in a big boy glass.  Great summer beer.  The tripel is served in one […]


Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad

The first bottled beer from Amplified Ale Works, I think it’s maybe 2 years old, tastes great.  I recall it being about 14% ABV.