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GABF & Oktoberfest here we come!

Hey when we say we travel the world to bring you the best beer pix, we’re not kidding (actually we’ve never said that, but anyway…). This week the MyBeerPix crew will be fanning out to two of the world’s great beer festivals and sharing what goes on with you. Molly, Adam and I are heading […]


Stone Sour Fest 2009

Last Sunday was Stone Sour Fest day. Though not quite as large as last year, Stone’s Dr. Bill (he’s not really a doctor, but if you’re female he’s willing to take a look) did put together quite a spread nonetheless. As temps in the shade gardens soared well into the high 90’s (upper 30’s Celsius), […]


GABF day 2 – breakfast

The morning of day two requires a fairly heavy meal to offset the previous night. After breakfast we’ll blog a quick recap of yesterday then move on to stir up more trouble


Pizza Port Belgian Beer Party Wrap-up

Here’s a few photos from the Belgian Beer Party at Pizza Port Carlsbad yesterday. Naturally, it was a huge beer list. This list is only one side of the bottle list. There was also a draft list and another list of “special” Belgians. (Click on the image to see a full-sized, readable list)   This […]