GABF & Oktoberfest here we come!

Hey when we say we travel the world to bring you the best beer pix, we’re not kidding (actually we’ve never said that, but anyway…).

Last year's GABF haul - a lot of beer to drink
Last year's GABF haul - a lot of beer to drink

This week the MyBeerPix crew will be fanning out to two of the world’s great beer festivals and sharing what goes on with you.

Molly, Adam and I are heading out to the Great American Beer Festival this morning (Wednesday, Sept. 23) and will using our vast craft brewing influence to muscle our way into places and get you all the best reports from the show floor, many of the events, and occasionally the street (it happens).

You can follow us on Twitter (@mybeerpix, @beermolly, @heatmizer and @bluntsage), or by subscribing to our RSS feed right here. We’ll also be hitting a couple of GABF Tweetups, so make sure to say hi if you see us. #GABF, #GABFTweetup

Half a world away, Matt Dolman will be plundering Lower Saxony and hitting the original beerfest, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

Beyond simply wearing dirndls and soaking up the suds, our intrepid foreign correspondent will be taking a bicycle tour of Germany for several days (conveniently beginning and ending at Oktoberfest). He’s on the tour with our good friend Ivan Derezin, owner of Churchill’s Pub and Grill.

Word is Matt’s phone doesn’t work in the EU, but you’ll be able to follow all his adventures right here. (hint: subscribe to the RSS feed.) #oktoberfest

Looking forward to the adventure! Hope you follow along, because it’s about to start in 2 hours or so!

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