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Stone Sour Fest 2009


Last Sunday was Stone Sour Fest day. Though not quite as large as last year, Stone’s Dr. Bill (he’s not really a doctor, but if you’re female he’s willing to take a look) did put together quite a spread nonetheless.

Stone Sour Fest 2009

Stone Sour Fest 2009

As temps in the shade gardens soared well into the high 90’s (upper 30’s Celsius), and into the 100’s on the (stone) patio — making it hot enough to melt the enviro-friendly water cups — the krieks, geuzes, and funks flowed in quantities large enough to cool anyone.

In many ways the fest looked like an outdoor version of the GABF with lines for Lost Abbey and Russian River brews (cleverly place under the same tent) wrapping out of the gardens and onto the upper patio, while plenty of interesting beers went relatively unnoticed at other stations. Personally I skipped the LA & RR stuff (been there, done that… though if you don’t do whatever you can to try LA’s Duck Duck Gooze, consider your life unfulfilled…) and focused on the things I’d never tried.

Among my favorite surprises: New Belgium’s Transatlantique Kriek and Valley Brewing’s DysFunktion Ale. (Actually got a chance to meet Valley’s Steve Altimari, who is pretty cool. Next time I’m in Stockton, CA, I’m dropping in to say hi.)

There were plenty of other tasty brews as well. Unfortunately, I have to admit that between the heat and the beer I didn’t take very good notes. And what notes I did take I lost. But it’s not like this is a beer review site anyway, so whatever.

Here’s a photo gallery of the folks that were there (read: lots of great people plus The Usual Suspects). Had a great time — other than Beer Molly getting heat stroke — if you were there, I hope you did too.

Enjoy the pics!

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