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Musings about the Great American Beer Festival

By now lots of people have chimed in with their thoughts and experiences regarding this year’s GABF, so I’m not going to clog up the interwebs with yet another long-winded post about this brewery or that beer. Rather, I’m just going to share a few impressions and move on. This was only our second trip […]


Check out Lost Abbey’s GABF Video

Lost Abbey submitted a video as part of a GABF marketing campaign. The topic had to be why beer lovers and brewers love GABF and what the brewery is doing regarding its sustainability efforts. I think the video looks pretty good. To can find other breweries’ submissions by searching the term Beer Lovers and Brewers […]


Ten things I learned at GABF

Okay, by now you’ve read all the Great American Beef Festival Roundups, heard about the awards winners, and various pundit’s impressions, expressions and opinions. So now you get to read the rest of the story. This year was our (i.e., Molly, Mojo, Adam and me) first trip to “The Show”. And what a show it […]


Off to the Great American Beer Festival

Well boys and girls, we’re off to the Great American Beer Festival and four days of beer and the people who love it. This is our first trip to “The Show”, so we’re not exactly sure what to expect, but you can be sure that we’ll be blogging live from the festival and keeping you […]