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South of Hazin’

A refreshing hazy from TapRoom Beer Co.  Nice hoppy nose, but lower bitterness than you would think based on the nose.  Bitterness lingers a bit but finishes clean.  Good enough for me to have another.  The 7% ABV ain’t bad either.


Chasing Mosaic

Citrusy fruit on the nose. Flavors of stonefruit, melon and citrus. Mild bitterness that finishes clean. All that and 6.4% ABV.


Happy Independence Day!

We’ve been saving a few of these cans for today. Though likely the best for all that it was canceled, we missed not having the the Bird Rock neighborhood Beaumont Avenue parade. Today would have been the 41st year. Cheers


Cosmic Omnibus

Juicy 6.8% ABV collaboration hazy IPA from Alesmith and Modern Times. Enjoying responsibly at 50% capacity Alesmith taproom.


The Incredible Honk

Looks like my favorite morning breakfast beverage with a flavor almost like fresh-squeezed with pulp-like substances added. no pulp-like substances and slight less opaque. Not familar with gooseberry smell or flavor. Smells like tart fruit with notes of pineapple and citrus. Flavor is juicy with notes of passion fruit and citrus. With the exception […]


Juice by the Pool

At this rate there is no way I’ll still have any cans left on the 4th of July. Gonna need to pick up some more.


All Together

Enjoyed with friends. Light bodied, with nice hop flavors.


Yay…Juicy Bits.. go. I’ll have to take their word for it on the hazy aspect, but nice juicy hop flavors over a pale malt body. Plus it’s got that 6.7% ABV thing going for it.


A finite quantity of…

…an opaque solution. Infinite Content. Quite good. A bit more bitterness than the previous Force of Nature. To lazy to pick my ass up off the slouch-couch and see what the ABV is, but would guess in the 7% range.