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Universal Secret

Whoa, like the can version better than the draft version I had some weeks ago. Dank and resinous, with notes of Marijuana at first that dissipates, lingering finish, but less bitterness than expected.


Last can of…

….Stratacaster. Not sure how old it is. It poured a little chunky but held up well. Dank nose, good hop flavors.


Brain Cloud

Quite happy with the Bottle Logic hazy IPA. Juicy citrus nose which follows through nicely on the flavor, with little bitterness.


Holiday Punch

From Ventura’s Topa Topa Brewing, a hazy IPA brewed with cranberry and pomegranate purees and finished with hibiscus flowers in the bright tank. It reminds me of a beer I had at a Brewbies event since year back. Ok, but unfortunately for me it’s 3 months old and likely not the same beer it was.


Madewest Hazy IPA

Juicy, citrus forward hop nose which follows through on taste. Nice mouth-feel and alow hop bitterness. All that wrapped up in a 7% ABV solution.


Cellermaker Mo’ Nelson

Hazy-ish IPA made with Mosaic and Nelson hops…yum. West-coast style hop flavors but with less bitterness but maintaining the dryer finish. Quite happy with it.


Among Many

Some Green Cheek Beer to go. IPA in the hazy style. Juicy and soft mouth-feel, with nice hop notes including some lingering bitterness.


Gravity does not Exist

Like floating in the pool.. A collaboration IPA from SLO breweries Liquid Gravity and There Does Not Exist, made in the double version of the hazy style. Juicy and sweet citrus forward. Soft mouth-feel and mild bitterness. If only the pool could offer all that.


Esoteric Knowledge

Murky-ish. Double-ish. IPA-ish. Hoppy-ish. Citrus-ish. Piney-ish. Delicious-ish. Pure Project.