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Saint Archer Hazy IPA

After sitting for a bit packaged hazy beers can have a concentrated sludge on the bottom that would be best avoided. When in a can you can’t see it…but it’s often there, lurking. A vigorous shake isn’t necessary; but maybe a bit of can rotating to reintroduce the sediment back into the liquid. The beer […]



More than a hazy IPA; it’s opaque. Not so juicy. 7% ABV with more dry finish that has notes of black pepper.


Coronado North Island IPA

Mmm…for those that have been enjoying on draft for a while, you know. For those that don’t, the picture below will save me from typing… The bottles does a good job of capturing the character of the draft version we call love. Quite nice.


Lovelady Love Juice #13

Just in town for a minute before stumbling into juicy goodness. 5.9% ABV IPA made in the NE hazy style. Lucky to find PUB 365 open until 2am…then phone died.


Mirror Universe

A 7% hazy IPA from Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minneapolis, MN. Not bad, but with virtually no hop bitterness and lacking the strong hop nose of the dry hopping…it’s kinda underwhelming. Hmmm…date on the bottom of the can is 10-02-18, so it is likely due to beer being a bit old. I look forward […]


And the Winner is…

For now it’s Stratacaster. But with E11even IIIPA and Strange Lover IPA on as well, plus Electric Mud cans out…we might be here a while. Not hard to guess that she chose Gold Record.


Relax in the Jacuzzi

After a few miles on the bicycle…it’s just what I needed…hot water up to my neck and a tasty beverage. Juicy n delish.


Kicking & Screaming

Quite happy with this 7.8% ABV hazy IPA from Goleta’s M. Special Brewing Company. Juicy.


New Generation

2nd generation of Amplified Ale Works NE-style IPA, this time for their can release. Going down waaaay to fast on this hot-ass day. We came upstairs because they don’t have Off the Record and Uber Jam downstairs. Downstairs is much much cooler.