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Tropical in Nature

Hazy IPA with fruit added, from Shreveport’s Great Raft Brewing. Fruity but not overly sweet, mild bitterness…

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Star God

A delish 6.4% ABV hazy IPA from There Does Not Exist. Juicy hop flavors with virtually no…

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The Hermit

Yup…that’ll do. Smells fruit forward and earthy/piney hops which follow through nicely on the taste. No bitterness…but…

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Enough dew drops to fill a glass.

The nose is floral and piney. Nice hop flavors, very mild bitterness with lingering hop notes on…

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Greenstone IPA

A delish murky 8.5% ABV murky IPA from Equilibrium Brewing. Tropical juicyness, yummy hop flavors, soft mouth-feel.

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Nectar of the Bine

A yummy DDH IPA from North Park Beer and Moksa Brewing. Clocking in at a respectable 8.5%…

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Truman Syndrome ZW021

A quite enjoyable double dryhopped double IPA from Franconian brewery, Blech Brut. Found in a craft beer…

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Art is Hard

You can say that again… try riding a bike along the boardwalk, dodging folks and dogs, whilest…

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X-Raying Flowers

Look what was found in the back of the beer drawer. Held up well from a canning…

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Carlsbad Flower Fields

I can practically smell the flower fields in this juicy IPA. Well done.