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Madewest Hazy IPA

Juicy, citrus forward hop nose which follows through on taste. Nice mouth-feel and alow hop bitterness. All…

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Cellermaker Mo’ Nelson

Hazy-ish IPA made with Mosaic and Nelson hops…yum. West-coast style hop flavors but with less bitterness but…

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Among Many

Some Green Cheek Beer to go. IPA in the hazy style. Juicy and soft mouth-feel, with nice…

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Kickball Assassins’

A delish juicy 6.5% ABV IPA made in the hazy style by Fieldwork Brewing.

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Gravity does not Exist

Like floating in the pool.. A collaboration IPA from SLO breweries Liquid Gravity and There Does Not…

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Esoteric Knowledge

Murky-ish. Double-ish. IPA-ish. Hoppy-ish. Citrus-ish. Piney-ish. Delicious-ish. Pure Project.

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Yeah Dawg

Sweet citrusy nose that follows thru on the taste, with a bitterness that reminds me of grapefruit…

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Abstract Consciousness

Resinous and citrus forward nose. Good hop flavors with long finish. Yep, that’ll do.

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Healing Habitats

Alvarado Street Brewery. Hazy IPA. 7% ABV. Floral. Citrus. Mild bitterness the lingers just enough to entice…

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The Holy Hermit

I feel enlightened. Citra and Amarillo hopped hazy imperial IPA from Moonraker Brewing, clocking in at a…