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Brainbox Pollution

Yum. Nice juicy hop nose. Flavor is sweeter than expected, with little to no bitterness. 32oz went down waaay to fast. All that and clocked in at 8.5% ABV. What’s not to love.


Industrial Accident

An tasty 8% ABV IPA from Fall Brewing. If I recall from when I picked it out of the line-up, it’s a hazy double IPA…but, hell… that was close to a month ago. Nose is resinous hops. Flavor is more balanced, well…for an IPA, malty but not sweet. Nice hop flavors with low bitterness.



Sadly my last can. Wish I had an extra for last Tuesday virtual happy hour/ beer share. So good. The cans have been way more juicy than the draft version that I had… when was that. Send like months ago. Stoked to hear Amplified Ale Works PB and East Village are re-opening their kitchens for […]


little juice smoothie

An apt name. Nose is fruity, like a mixed fruit smoothie. Flavor is a juicy NE IPA with notes of strawberry. It’s not overly sweet and has mild bitterness on the finish. All that and 6.5% ABV. I’m enjoying it. Huh…65 IBU? That’s a higher number than I would have guessed.


Star Cloud

A 6.8% ABV IPA made in the hazy style, from the fine folks at Modern Times Beer. Flowery-like hop flavors, soft mouth feel, nice bitterness that slips away urging you to have another sip…then poof… the beer is gone. Darn Star Cloud is blocking the sunset.



Amplifing at home. Whoa…more tropical notes up front than I recall. Fruity, but not sweet or overly malty. Nice hop balance with pleasant, though somewhat mild, hop bitterness. Need to grab more next Saturday.


Isle of Splendor

This double dry-hopped hazy IPA from the fine folks a North Park Beer is like a “Modern Times” romance. Bountiful bouquet of hops entwined with pillowy-soft mouth-feel and juicy wet finish. Oh, yeah.



Says hazy india pale ale right on there can… which it is. 7.5% ABV too. It has a nose of resinous hops over a light mbv alt base. Flavor is more west-coast style IPA, but more mild and with a softer mouth feel. She thought more watery…not sure that’s it. Finish has very low bitterness. […]


Liquid Clouds

The word Abnormal makes think of the movie Young Frankenstein. Specifically, when Dr. Frankenstein/Frokensteen is asking Igor about the brain he was sent to retrieve, Igor replies “it’s Abby something.. “. “Abby? Abby who?” “Abby….Normal. Yes, that’s it. Abby Normal.” Oh yeah…beer. The beer is good. The nose is sweet…a mix of guava, citrus, pineapple, […]


Surfari India Pale Ale

I enjoyed this 7.2% ABV IPA from Pizza Port Brewing. Grassy citrus notes up front, pale malt body with pleasing lingering bitterness on the finish, urging me to take another sip… then it was gone.