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A Still Small Voice

An oak barrel-aged sour from Lost Abbey. Pleasantly acidic without being overwhelming. Notes of stone fruit. A…

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Revisiting the Ten Commandments

Came across this bottle in the cellar. Undated, so I believe it is a 2007 Ten Commandments…

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Carnevale Ale

The date stamp was not clear, but guessing 2010 vintage.  It’s held up nicely.   Some fruity…

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Lost Abbey Track 10

13.something % ABV imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels with coffee and cocoa nibs added.  Preserved well.

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Inferno on Draft

Only at the brewery, and likely not for long. On draft is completely different from the normal…

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2013 Framboise de Amorosa

Very nice. 

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Lost Abbey Project X3

Beer # 5 in the distinctive Schltz Malt Liquor low boy tumbler.

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Lost Abbey Saison Blanc

This beer has gone through some subtle changes in the few years since its inception… each time…

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All the Tracks (#1 – #13)

Tasting plan: drink by number, one per day, sip slowly, and enjoy these fabulous creations by Lost…

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Lost Abbey – Saint’s Devotion

Single serving size.