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San Marcos/Vista Beer Tasting

Enjoyed a couple tasters at several North County San Diego breweries in Vista & San Marcos including Aztec, Iron Fist, Mother Earth, and Lost Abbey. We missed several others in the area, and are excited about a couple new ones opening soon… Quite the Oasis!


Lost Abbey Track 1

Was there for the release of Lost Abbey’s first track, “Runnin’ With the Devil“, from their Box Set collection. Thirty lbs of Cab Sauv. grapes, aged in wine barrels and spike with Brettanomyces. A lot of things going on in this beer. Was lucky to have it!


Slope-side Refreshments

Lucky to enjoy such fabulous re-hydrants on our Big Bear Mountain Adventure! So far, no one has broken a leg… Cheers to one more day on the slopes!


2007 Growler of Cuvee de Tomme

Lucky us, Adam dug out an old growler hiding way back in his fridge (since 2007), and brought it to a beach birthday party this weekend. It was filled to the top with that year’s release of Cuvee de Tomme, and had never been cracked open. Mary sweet mother Jesus, damn baby (a line from […]


Not Quite Suitable for Retail

This bottle of Serpent Stout from Lost Abbey is just as delicious with its label askew…yep…taking one for the team in the name of quality control.  Because we don’t want the public to be exposed to (gasp) crooked labels.


Lost Abbey Carnevale

Very yummy on a warm day, and a great post bike ride beverage to rehydrate.