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The making of a Stein Beer

Last weekend Tonya Cornett, brewmaster at Bend Brewing, flew down here to San Diego to do a collaborative brew with Tomme at Port / The Lost Abbey. Both Tonya and Tomme are last year’s World Beer Cup champion brewers (Tonya for the small brewpub category, Tomme for the small brewery category), so the beer they […]


Lost Abbey welcoming new brewer with specially blended beer night

Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey will be hosting a “Meet the Monkeys” night at the brewery on Friday, January 9 from 4pm until 8pm in honor of the arrival of their new brewer, Mike Rodriguez. Mike comes to Lost Abbey from Boulevard Brewing of Kansas City, MO (one of the largest craft breweries in […]


Photos: Lost Abbey Barrel Tasting Night

Yeah, yeah, I know, the Lost Abbey Barrel Tasting Night was over a week ago and I still haven’t posted the photos. Sorry. I was busy. I’m posting them now. Please stop calling and hanging up. (You know who you are.) Anyway, the barrel party was once again a great evening. Beyond the 12 regular […]


God and Beer – The Backlash (At Last!)

On October 15, 2008 the Associated Press ran story by Eric Gorsky titled “Finding God at a beer festival.” It began: In the beginning, there was a long line for Judgment Day ale. Shortly after the doors opened on the 27th Great American Beer Festival, a crowd congregated at the booth offering that and other […]


Lost Abbey ’08 Barrel Night – November 15th

It’s official. The 2008 Lost Abbey Barrel tasting night will be Saturday, November 15 from 7pm to 10pm. Beyond the dozen or so beers Tomme plans to pull out of his barrel archive, guests are also going to get to bottle and label their own limited edition release of Veritas 04. Chef Vince will also […]


Photos from The Lost Abbey Sinners and Saints party

I just posted a photo slideshow from last Saturday’s (October 18) Patron Sinners and Saints party over at The Lost Abbey website. The atmosphere was cool — the brewery lit only by candles and strategic lighting under the barrels and it was great to see so many Sinners and Saints together for the first time. […]


Pre-GABF Housecleaning

We’re off to the GABF today, where we’ll be broadcasting live Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Thursday isn’t an official show day, so you can just join us as we wander through Denver seeking the best beer Colorado has to offer). However, in the run up to the festival, we’ve actually been quite busy… just haven’t […]


Check out Lost Abbey’s GABF Video

Lost Abbey submitted a video as part of a GABF marketing campaign. The topic had to be why beer lovers and brewers love GABF and what the brewery is doing regarding its sustainability efforts. I think the video looks pretty good. To can find other breweries’ submissions by searching the term Beer Lovers and Brewers […]


Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey 2nd Anniversary & Special Releases

World Beer Cup Champion Brewery Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey will be celebrating its second anniversary next weekend with a big party, music, food, and (of course) lost of Port / Lost Abbey beers. Additionally, they’ll be putting out three new releases including Port 2nd Anniversary (a huge double IPA), Inferno (one hell of […]


Angel’s Share This Weekend!

Yeah, the cat’s a bit out of the bag (I’ve seen the news on the beer forums), but if you hadn’t heard, Lost Abbey’s The Angel’s Share is out this Saturday, November 10th! Brewery doors open at 10am and everyone is limited to 6 bottles (and they’re taking ID, so don’t bother to try and […]