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Stone Sour Festival 2013

Many many to choose from.  Lucky Charms and Shrieking Violet, both from Cascade Brewing.


Lucky Baldwin’s Pub

A couple blocks from Haven, and in the same direction we must walk to get to our hotel, was our 6th stop for the day. Lucky Baldwin’s Pub had an great selection of draft beers and an extensive bottle list. We chose three sour beers from Pasadena craft brewery, Craftsman Brewing Co. The beers, Sourdough, […]


Interlude at Church at Night

From Allagash..uh..should have included “hill” in the title but didn’t… is night… Still on from sour fest…yay!


Cascade Kriek Ale

…from Cascade Brewing, seemed like a good follow-up to the Carnevale….mmmm…and it is.


Sang Royal from Cascade Brewing

  We decided to open one of the beers from our Portland adventure. Tuesday seemed like a good enough reason to open something.   Just like at the Cascade Barrel Room we are having our own “Tap it Tuesday”…and we’re having a beer.


Stone Sour Fest 2009

Last Sunday was Stone Sour Fest day. Though not quite as large as last year, Stone’s Dr. Bill (he’s not really a doctor, but if you’re female he’s willing to take a look) did put together quite a spread nonetheless. As temps in the shade gardens soared well into the high 90’s (upper 30’s Celsius), […]


Another day, another Dogfish Head

The cool and tart beer was very refreshing after a warm July day.  And at only 4.5% alc/vol, I think I’ll have another.  yumm


Sharing Vindecation from Schooner’s Grille & Brewery

Last October, at the Great American Beer Festival, I ran into the head brewer of Schooner’s Grille & Brewery, Craig Cauwels.  He was sandwiched between the busy booths of The Lost Abbey and Russian River.  He makes an awesome oatmeal stout and other tasty beers.  If you don’t believe me, check out his list of […]


Red Poppy Release

So the Release of Lost Abbey’s Red Poppy was a couple weekends ago and all the usual suspects were in tow along with a whole group of new peeps. Beyond just getting some great beer, we also drafted a whole bunch of folks into peeling a few hundred pounds of Mandarin Oranges for a couple […]