Port’s Josh Miner Moving to Drake’s Brewing

Drake’s IPA from Drake’s Brewing, San Leandro, Calif.We just learned last night that Port Brewing’s Josh Miner will be taking over as head brewer at Drake’s Brewing Co. in San Leandro, Calif.

Josh was head brewer at the Pizza Port in San Clemente, Calif. (where he brewed up many an amazing beer) before moving on to become the assistant brewer at Port Brewing’s Lost Abbey. However, years ago, shortly after he graduated UC Davis (where he studied — what else — brewing), he actually got his start in the craft brewing business at Drake’s. So in many ways he’s returning to his roots.

I know Tomme Arthur and company are going to miss him at Port Brewing, but I’m sure they’re also very proud of Josh. Josh said that he’s learned a lot about the craft after working with a brewer like Tomme (who likes to push boundaries), and he’s looking forward to putting some of that knowledge to work with his own creations. We’re looking forward to it too. (Plus I love Drake’s IPA, so now I have a reason to go up to the Bay area and score a few bottles.)

Let’s all raise a glass and toast to Josh and wish him the best of luck. Cheers!

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