Why I love the small brewery

Port Brewing / Lost Abbey’s First AnniversaryAlas, you probably missed it, but Port Brewing / Lost Abbey held it’s first anniversary party back on May 5th.

If you’re not familiar with it, Lost Abbey is a spin-off from Pizza Port in North County San Diego. And I’m not talking Joanie Loves Chachi spin-off, but Frasier, where the new show is as good (and in many ways better) than the original.

A year ago sister and brother duo Gina and Vince Marsaglia (of Pizza Port fame), former Pizza Port Solana Beach head brewer (and two-time GABF Brewer of the Year) Tomme Arthur, and CPA Jim Comstock all threw in together and bought Stone Brewing Company’s old facility in San Marcos, California and decided to make a go of it as Port Brewing Company with the Lost Abbey label as their flagship brews.

Since that time they’ve managed to produce 15 new beers and fill more than 100 oak, brandy and bourbon barrels with some of the most amazing beers you’ll ever find.

Not too shabby for a brewery that should just be learning to walk.

Anyway, I had the opportunity (should I say “honor”?) to pull some taps and tote beer for patrons during the first anniversary party, and I must say it was a great experience. You know once the word gets out breweries like PA/LA will hit the big time, take off like a rocket and the next party will have thousands instead of hundreds in attendance. But I’ll always be able to say I was there that first year when a couple hundred close friends all turned out to celebrate the first birthday of what is bound to be a tremendously popular brewery.

By the way, the Ten Commandments is outstanding, but the Amazing Grace and Bourbon Barrel-aged Angel’s Share were once-in-a-lifetime treats. You shoulda been there ;).

» Check out their first anniversary party video / photo right here.

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3 thoughts on “Why I love the small brewery

  1. the party was definitely a lot of fun…i unfortunately didnt get to try the amazing grace as i had to leave for work before it went on tap. hopefully, you enjoyed the beers i brought you….the duck rabbit baltic porter, bells kalamazoo stout, and weyerbacher double simcoe IPA. hope to see you again on our next trip to san diego.

  2. Hi Larry. Sorry that you missed the Amazing Grace — it didn’t get on tap until much later (I actually had convince a couple of guys to drink enough Amigo to blow the keg so I could get it on.)

    I loved the Weyerbacher — great hoppy flavor. Terri liked the Duck Rabbit and the Bells (what she got of it anyway — Tomme and gang had to have a “taste” as well.)

    Looking forward to getting up to Father’s Office to see you and Nathalie and bringing you a few of the special beers you missed (and maybe a couple from the secret stash).

  3. The party was awesome, and I’m really glad I had a chance to try the barrel aged Angel’s Share. Was worth it for that alone, and to see BeerMolly toting around 60 gallon trash cans. But I must say that I just didn’t “get” the Cuvee. Reminded me of some of the experiments an old girlfriend used to run on apple cider, trying to brew apple wine. Ten Commandments, though, was great – we have two bottles left and are saving them for a special occasion.

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