Best of Beer Blogs #1

Best of Beer Blogs - Weekly round-up of the best beer blogging on the webSo much beer, so many beer bloggers, so little time. How does the well-informed beer aficionado keep up with them all?

Well, unless you’re willing to ship your excess beer to us (and we will take it), we can’t help you with the first part, but we certainly can help you with the second. Since Molly and me don’t have real jobs (at least according to my mother-in-law), we’ve got plenty of time to peruse the musings and machinations of the world of beer bloggers.

So this week we’re starting a new class of posts called “The Best of Beer Blogs” — a completely subjective round-up of the most informative / interesting / entertaining posts in the beer blog-o-sphere. From rants and reviews to travels and travails, if it relates to beer and meets our (rather fuzzy) standards for quality, we’ll post it here for your enjoyment.

We’ll post a new BOBB every Friday, so if you’ve got a post you think is worthy (whether your own or someone else’s), drop the link to us at email: BOBB (at) and we’ll consider it for the next week’s round-up.

And now, without further ado, The Best of Beer Blogs #1

Beer Stories & Culture

Buying the Rounds at Callahan’s
Last month I started thinking (out loud) about reasons for drinking at a pub, as opposed to drinking by yourself at home. I promised to write more about the social aspects of pub-going, so here you go:… [Read the rest]
» A Good Beer Blog

The Story in Which I Get Arrested
Yes, this post is long, but how often do you get arrested? Last night a bunch of friends get tickets to the A’s game. We show up an hour early and tailgate in the parking lot. I still have an unopened PBR come game time, and convince Lauren to sneak it into the park. Success… [Read the rest]
» How I spend Karma

Don’t Have to Drink Like a Refugee
A couple weeks ago I caught a showing of a documentary about the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars that was playing in the DC Film Fest. The band is literally a bunch of refugees from Sierra Leone… [Read the rest]
» Beer Activist Blog

Carolina Brewmasters’ US Open 07
Stumbling into a brewvanic experience is always a good thing, but it’s not stumbling when you’re going to a homebrew competition where there will be great brewers swapping brewing stories and strategies. Where you’ll get to taste a number of very nice beers, and learn from a handful of problem beers. I’ve found that it is even less stumbling when I’ve got my comrade Ken around… [Read the rest]
» Brewvana

Pubbing / Brewpubbing

The Sultan, South Wimbledon
Pub crawls are good things, but I try to avoid punctuating them with epic tube journeys. I start getting nervous outside of Zone 1, and the panic attacks begin when I cross the border into Zone 3. Beyond that I usually pass out, just before my wallet and kidneys get stolen… [Read the rest]
» Stonch’s Beer Blog

All Boon and no Bull
Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I recently went off on one about Dublin off-licences. The same rant pretty much applies to Dublin pubs as well: that despite their international reputation the vast majority are peddling industrially-manufactured blandness to meet customer demand for same… [Read the rest]
» The Beer Nut


Interview with a Top Craft Brewer
Sonoma County, California, is one of the United States’ best wine-producing regions, and it’s quickly becoming one of its best beer-brewing regions, too. Here Vinnie Cilurzo, owner and brewmaster at Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa (one of the area’s best and most unconventional producers), talks to Food & Wine’s Megan Krigbaum about his craft… [Read the rest]
» Food and Wine

For brewers, taste is the test of a good beer
FORT COLLINS – For Todd Hansen and a half-dozen others here, drinking beer in the afternoon is a vital part of the job. But it’s way more involved than simply kicking back each day and popping open some cold ones… [Read the rest]
» Rocky Mountain News (via The Beer Me Blog)

Beer Events, Reviews & Roundups

Five Summer Beers
I got a boatload of samples last week, and I thought I’d taste a few… [Read the rest]
» Seen Through a Glass

Brewerkz Singapore – The best damned Microbrewery in Asia
It is very rare that I get really excited about both beer and bars in Asia at the same time. There are some good beers out there as well as some great bars but very rarely do all the alcoholic factors pull together as they do with the Brewerkz Microbrewery, restaurant and bar… [Read the rest]
» Beerasia

Fred-Fest 2007
Y’all probably think it’s easy doing this blog thing. You’re wrong. It’s work. Hard work. Plowing through 14 of the finest beers in the state can take the punch right out of a man. All the great Oregon breweries did the business to our livers, all in the name of Fred Eckhardt… [Read the rest]
» The Champagne of Blogs

Beer Travels

On The Road Part Deux
So if you’ve been following our blog lately, you got the beginning of my trip to Oregon story. This will continue into day two when I visited a few breweries in Eugene Oregon… [Read the rest]
» Flossmoor Beer Blog


Another Four Beers
The show is called “Another Four Beers”. We tell stories are about how the styles originated, the brewing process and why the tastes of these beers is unique. Of the four the first two are available globally while the GB and the Anchor are widely available in the US. With the Anchor being available Europe because we got feedback saying that they’ve found it in pubs there. [Listen to the rest]

Show 76 – Belgium Ale Beer Show
Mo’ good times from the guys at BigFoamyHead! We’re fresh off of our first barbeque competition – The Southaven Springfest BBQ. The team we were on, B3 (beer, blues and bbq), took third place in the shoulder competition for the division we were in. Hey, thats a pretty good accomplishment for a new team using a borrowed smoker. Enough to make us downright giddy… [Listen to the rest]
» Big Foamy Head

Beer Poetry

Happy Mothers Day!
for diapers, crying… [Read the rest]
» Beer Haiku Daily

Tools and Gadgetry

Beer Gadget (This IS cool)
Like you need another reason to drink beer. Good beer, of course, comes in bottles (in my case, 22 ounce bottles from Stone Brewery, but everyone has their own favorites, of course). So the question, then, is how can one take that pure moment of rathskellerian quintessence that is the “pffft” of the opening of a bottle of beer, and make it better?… [Read the rest]
» Geek Foolery

Cold Beer in 2 Minutes
I saw something similar at the Whole Foods in Evanston, IL. It was this vat of circulating water, you could throw a few bottles of beer or wine in there while you do your shopping, then come back and have ice cold beverages. I always wondered how it worked. Genius… [See the rest
» Hair of the Dog Dave


How To Impress a Client
I was in the VIP lounge last week en route to Seattle. While in the lounge, I noticed Bill Gates sitting on the couch enjoying a cognac. I was meeting with a very important client who was also flying to Seattle with me but she was running a bit late… [Read the rest]
» Is It Beer Time Yet?

Nature’s Beer Holder
I need a couple of these for my next beer fest… [See the rest]
» Funnyhub

The Landlord
Don’t you hate a landlord that gets scarier once she’s had a few?… [See the rest]
» Funny or Die

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