Session 8 : Beer & Food – Breakfast

The subject of this month’s Session (graciously hosted by Beer Haiku Daily) is beer and food. Molly and I have long held the opinion that beer is food, but if everyone wants to do beer and food, fine, we’re flexible. We can do that too.

Undoubtedly a good many of our beer blogging fellows will be writing about pairing a fine beers meats, cheeses, fruits and breads. Or about a favorite pub that has great food and beer. Or perhaps a recipe or two based on beer.

Well, we’re not that cultured or imaginative, so we’ve decided to go the pedestrian route of simply drinking a beer at every meal throughout the day and blogging about it (let’s call it a series of sub-sessions). We invite you to follow along and enjoy.

Let’s begin with the most important meal of the day.

7:15 am — Breakfast
Some of my ancestors were tossed out of England in the mid-1700’s for some petty crime or another and wound up in Hartford, Connecticut. (Molly’s relatives were still living a dismal beer-free existence living in teepees and hunting buffalo.) Back then it was a tradition to start your day with a good breakfast so you’d have strength for the labors of the coming day. This naturally meant strong beer and some sort of meat or gruel or something.

Session 8 - Beer & food

In keeping with our founder’s tradition, we’re starting today with a hearty breakfast of Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout and Cocoa Puffs.

Some people claim that the Founder’s is much better with pancakes, but honestly, who has time to make pancakes on a weekday morning?

We’ve found that the deep bourbon maltiness and caramel flavors of the Founder’s blends perfectly with the chocolately goodeness of the 12 essential minerals and vitamins in Cocoa Puffs. Another great breakfast combo is one we affectionately refer to as “Count Viscosity”, which is a hearty glass of Port Brewing’s Old Viscosity and Count Chocula. (Either one is a great way to kick off the day.)

See you at lunch.

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